Simple Interface - Simply All You Need

Whether you need a few one-off maps, or want to manage long-term, ongoing projects, Simple Maps Now is the solution.  With a simple import interface, you can get your data in and visualized on a map in minutes.  Once loaded, the data analysis opportunities are limited only by your imagination.

The Simple Maps Now! Advantage

Simple Maps Now! is a cut above your average mapping applications. In addition to easily mapping your data, our advantages include:

Data Analysis

The optimized map/grid interactivity allows for quick and easy analysis of all your data metrics at any level – zip, county, state, CBSA or location level. Intuitive map navigation and selection tools return maximum results with minimal effort.  Keeping tabs on all the metrics needed to manage your business has never been easier. 

The Next Level

Add another dimension to your visualizations with Heat Mapping. Heat Maps offer a clean and clear picture of any data metrics you need to gauge geographically – sales potential, lost sales, target focus areas, rep performance, product availability – and there is no additional work needed to get there. Once your data is imported, Heat Maps are just a few clicks away. 

Batch Mapping and Excel Reports

Need to kick out reports to your sales or management teams?  With Simple Maps Now it’s – you guessed it – simple!  With just a few setup steps, map reports for your entire team will generate in the background at the click of a button.  Customize your maps with appropriate geographic and location layers as needed and with excel reports, include a list of any available data metrics to provide additional context to your maps.

Tools to Succeed

Simply put, Simple Maps Now has all the tools you need.  Whether you are supporting sales management teams, launching a new product, maintaining profitability of existing products, analyzing your current target base, looking at potential new targets – Simple Maps Now can provide the analysis and feedback you need to be successful. 

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